Don't talk about price with high-end devices, don't talk about quality Don't talk about price with h

09 Jun, 2022

In the door & window machine industry for 23 years,it is found that the customers you encounter usually have a habit:

Likes to negotiate prices with high-end devices,talking about quality with low-end devices.

Customers will say: The CNC double-head cutting saw from another brand in China is exactly the same as yours, why is yours so expensive? please see below,can this be the same?

Don't talk about price with high-end devices.jpg

As the saying goes,"dilettante watch the scene of bustle, experts see road". For example,for a aluminium CNC double head cutting saw,What you see is a similar look and cutting method. Do you really know the internal structure of the device?

Don't talk about price with high-end devices1.jpg

First of all, the body is the basis and premise to achieve machining stability  

What kind of aluminum is used for the body?  

Are body bevels handled and cleaned up to standard before welding?  

Are preheating temperatures and inter layer temperatures properly controlled?  

Does the soaking and drying of the body after welding meet the requirements?  


Secondly, the choice of parts and operating system is the soul of cutting

 Precision. JMD aluminum profile cutting operating system, servo motor and

 all electrical parts are using Famous brand from domestic and overseas

Effectively ensure the coordinated operation of all electrical components  

Thus greatly improve the cutting precision, surface flatness and cutting


Lastly, the company's after-sales service system.  After-sales service is not the same as only dealing with unexpected problems of equipment.  JMD after-sales service system is including plant layout, doors and Windows production

process diagram, training engineering and technical personnel, software

technology training as well as equipment installation and commissioning,

on-site production guidance, until the production of qualified products and

other whole process services. 

So when you actually have the patience to compare two devices that you

think are "identical" ,do you still ask the same question you wanted to ask?  

Business is about honesty. Please believe that quality and price is always

 proportional to the truth!  

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